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Aug 5, 2010
PLEASE when you POST threads asking for input on system builds tell us...

  1. What YOUR PC will be used for. Gaming at 2560x1080p (for now, eventually higher res ultrawide), light home office stuff, browsing
  2. What YOUR budget is. No specific budget but I like the value proposition.
  3. What country: USA, online Newegg, BH PHOTO, amazon
4. IF you're buying parts OUTSIDE the US,
  1. IF YOU have a brand preference. No preference other than want the best supported drivers etc... usually buy intel/nvidia
  2. If YOU intend on using any of YOUR current parts, and if so, what those parts are.
GTX 2060, Evo SSD, 2 TB storage drive, monitor keyboard mouse, etc.
  1. IF YOU plan on overclocking or run the system at default speeds. Don't want to go too far into the weeds but would overclock for a big gain
  2. What resolution, not monitor size, will you be using? 2560*1080
  3. WHEN do you plan to build it? Now
Scenario, my son's computer I7-870 is dying. So I want to give him my current computer (i5-4670k OC @ 4.0 ghz) and build myself a nice shiny computer. I tend to build for the value proposition and not get the most expensive parts and then upgrade down the road. I've had my current CPU and mobo for 5 years I think. Been doing the research and thinking either i7-8700k or AMD 3600. I know the 3600 is the sweet spot right now but I wonder if I should spend more and get a 3700k for the extra cores or get the 8700k and do a decent overclock for the raw speed for games.

Here is what I am considering
-AMD 3600 or 3700k
- stock cpu cooler
- x570 mother board (want intel GB lan, alc 1220 sound, 2 nvme, quiet fan)
thinking GB Aorus Elite x570 @ $199
are there good options cheaper that I could put a 3900x in later?
-ram: 16gb corsair vengeance LPX 16GB CMK16GX4M2B3200C16

- inland premium nvme ssd 1tb
-PSU (is 650W gold + enough? Ive had good luck with seasonic, evga) quiet
- case: Fractal Define C or Bequiet Pure Base 500 (out soon)
want a quiet case, no windows, not flashy, mid tower but not too deep, 4usb is nice, on top of case not side
Have GTX 2060 and 2560x1080p monitor

I don't want a flashy case, don't need glass window, previous case was fractal Define R4 which is great design, just a bit big.

Any advice on parts would be appreciated. Also, should I consider 8700k?

Thanks in advance.
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May 16, 2002
The 8700k platform is a dead end, stick with the 3700x. In the nvme ssd, I don't know the specs on the one you listed, but Corsair has a v4 1tb thats fast for $230 (in an x570 board)