new mouse time (thumb rest?)


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Feb 8, 2006
Good day, all.

My Corsair M65 PRO RGB has failed -- getting extra left clicks. Outside of warranty, but well under what the OMRON switches advertise IMO. I suppose I could always chance disassembly/self-repair at this point, but not sure I want to bother over just buying a working/reliable mouse and moving on.

So, looking for a replacement. Needs to be suitable for day-to-day duty as well as BF4 (still love the game!). Larger hand. I prefer wired over messing with batteries/recharging. I was also thinking of something with a thumb rest as I find I have a tenadency to drag on the mouse pad a little...

I was pumped when I saw the RAT was back, but seeing maybe too many so-so reviews on build quality? Makes me a little hesitant, but open to input. Ha.

Razer Basilisk?