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New Free Everquest PvP Server


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Nov 8, 2007
Currently it's first expansion classic Everquest but Kunark will be opened in the future and possibly velious.

Rules are:
- Can attack anyone except people in your guild if you choose to join one
- 10 level PvP limit for attacking
- Can loot 1 item + money from whoever you kill

Server has been opened like a month or so and not many people know about it yet.

Website is Link Removed, click ENTER then click HOW TO PLAY.

Client download link is broken, correct one is Link Removed if you don't have the EQ Titanium discs anymore and need to download the client.

This program is not in compliance with SOE terms this is an emulator that the OP is referencing it is not a Sony server. Locked for the moment. PC Gaming Mod- Oakenfold

Links to webpage removed -Schadenfroh