New Build Critique


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Oct 17, 2004
I am going to be building a new system in a few weeks, replacing only my RAM/CPU/Motherboard/Video Card. I am going to be using my current system's PSU, Case, HDD's and Optical Drives. I do not mind overclocking, although I probably will not need to much as the most demanding games I will play are Bioshock. The main thing I am undecided on is my motherboard. I am primarily looking for stability, and I do not need SLI/Crossfire. Ideally, the motherboard will be under 200$, although I can go over if it really is worth it (I'm fine using a P35 chipset, I have no justification to spend the money for a x38/x48/780i) Also, is the memory I am using fine? Or is there another better set at a comparable price.

CPU: e8400

Motherboard: ABIT IP-35 Pro (Need Advice =])


Video Card:

Any and all advice would be greatly Appreciated. Thanks in advance!


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Dec 3, 2001
That Abit board seems sort of pricey for the needs you listed. Maybe consider something like this? GA-EP35-DS3R

Other than not having 2 PCI x16 slots, which you don't need, everything else seems to be as good or better spec wise and it's cheaper. You can use the money you save on the motherboard to buy a 2 x 2GB RAM kit instead of a 2 x 1GB: G. Skill 4GB Kit