"network" Printer using a Serial / Parallel interface

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    Hello guys!

    Can someone help me with the following please (MODS....please move to the right section if necessary...)

    I'm trying to replace and old system with a newer one and ran into a problem with an old printer connected to it using a DB 25 type of connector.

    This is for a network setup using 3 systems and 3 printers

    The system in question already has its own printer (USB) and the second printer is far away, and connected using the BD25 connector and a phone jack RJ11.

    The new system doesn't have a DB25....just a DB 9.

    How can I plug this printer using the same phone jack connection ?

    Printer is an epson thermal printer part of a Point of sale system...

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    DB9 to DB25 Convertor (It is an excat same connection type)
    Don't know about RJ 11 Jack
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    Rj11 jack. Sounds like its some sort of serial receipt printer. You can find USB to serial converters all over as well as db25-db9 cables. I would look up the printer model just to be sure of avail drivers and what type of port it is.
    The rj11 is usually for cash drawer plug in so the drawer kicks out when receipt is printed.