Network Printer not working through new router


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Feb 15, 2005
I have an HP laserjet 4 Plus with Jetdirect. It was previously configured at

I had created a TCPIP printer port in winxp for

My old router was a D-Link 604 and the DHCP server started at and ended at

Recently I had to change my router to a linksys WRT54G v.5 (provided by my company). However, it didn't come with a manual and I was told to download it from the website. Only problem is that the website has a user guide for all of the versions except for v5.

Looking through the guides for the other versions, it appears that is the way to access the settings. However, when I try that I don't get access to the router settings. IE times out.

Also, I am able to get onto the Internet, but not able to print. Is that because the printer is assigned at address and out of the range of the new router which seems to be at

Also, why can't I get access to the router via

The new Linksys router is both wired and wireless. The WLAN light is green indicating wireless lan. However, I am not using any wireless networking. is that light supposed to be on?