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Network connection between host PC and Virtual Box


Junior Member
Jul 13, 2017
Hi all,
I am struggling on how to make a network between a host PC and a virtual box where a linux OS is running into it. My host PC has already made two network connection one with a school network and the other with a server of a motion capture system. So my plan is to create a network between the virtual machine and the host PC so that I can Stream data from the motion capture system software running on the host PC to the linux OS running virtual machine via an IP address. Could anyone help me on how to create a third network connection between the Virtual machine and host PC (is possible). If not what should I have to do? Can I disconnect the network with the school network connection and use this network card to made a connection with the virtual machine?
Appreciate any help here!!! Thanks!!


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Jul 6, 2007
one virtual network card bridged to host PC's school network card, this one with same default gateway as main PC's school network

one virtual network card bridged to host PC's motion capture network card. without default gateway.