Needing to replace my socket 939 motherboard... with another socket 939 motherboard :O


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Jul 7, 2006
The company I work for is offering to replace my current MSI Neo 4 Platinum SLI motherboard with another socket 939 board. My MSI has a faulty NIC and some issues that suggest the northbridge is wonky. They won't upgrade it to something current, so it has to be socket 939.

I'm mainly considering boards from DFI at this point, but am totally open to any products out there that folks have had good luck with, especially folks with similar configurations to my own.

Any suggestions based on my following concerns?

Concerns! (Oh noes!):

A) I have a massive heatsink, the Sythe Ninja, for my CPU. I also am running dual XFX 7950 GT Extremes in SLI mode, which have passive heatsinks that cause the cards to take up two slots each. I want them to fit :eek:

B) I run my system quiet. I freakin hate fan noise and the high pitch whine of a low radius high rpm fan gives me a headache, thus I don't have any of that type on my system, nor could I tolerate one on a new motherboard. I can replace it with a zalman if I need, but it's position on the board will have to be right to avoid having to cut too many fins from the northbridge cooler and have it not bonk the GPU fins.

D) I run a dual tv-tuner card and a sound blaster audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro, so I need a minimum of two PCI slots.

E) I need at least two 1 Gb NICs, or a 3rd PCI slot for a Gb ethernet adaptor.

F) I have an extender if needed for the 4 pin power connector, but I hope it won't be in a weird place since my Corsair HX620 620w Power Supply PSU is at the bottom of the case (P180 fans know what I'm talking about).

G) My processor is dual core, and I had and heard of others having issues with dual core procs on socket 939.

All my system components that I'd be transferring to the new board (in case folks know of any compatibility issues to be wary of on socket 939 boards):

Antec p180b mid-tower case w/three 120 mm fans on lowest setting.
Athlon x2 4400+ CPU
Sythe Ninja CPU passive heatsink
4x 512 MB Crucial Ballistix DDR400
2x fxf 7950 GT Extremes in SLI mode (with stock big arse passive heatspreaders)
PCI Hauppauge PVR-500 MCE (dual tv-tuner card)
PCI Sound blaster Audigy 2 ZS
Maxtor Maxline III 7B300S0 300GB SATA Hard Drive
Western Digital Caviar SE16 320 GB SATA Hard Drive WD3200KS
Corsair HX620 620w Power Supply
two optical drives.


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Sep 17, 2001
no b doing sli on crossfire... that be ati...

go hunting for a dfi infinity sli...


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Jul 7, 2006
thanks for the reply. interesting positioning of the northbridge on that one... any other suggestions out there, particularly with my concerns taken into account?


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Oct 6, 2005
I have a DFI LanParty board and I absolutely love it. Just make sure your ram is compatible with the board you choose if you go the DFI route. Also, make sure you stop by