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Question Need to set 2 Crucial SSD's 1000gb Raid 0, unable to do so in Win7, how do I do this ??


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Feb 13, 2021
Running a Dell Alienware Mx17R3 with 2, 750gb drievs set to RAID 0 .... Have 2 Crucial 1000gb SSD's need to set to RAID 0 and clone system to the new drives... Win7 can't do this, the s/w from crucial not working, and info that I've found not helping .... What do I need to do and how ??


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Sep 13, 2008
First I would make sure that you have all your data backed up. Then I would probably make a full system image using something like Macrium Reflect or Acronis. This said, I would not recommend using windows 7 anymore today. Since you will be going to these SSDs anyway, I think now would be the best time for a fresh install of Windows 10. You should be able to activate it with your existing win7 product key. Lastly, I would not use RAID 0 on these SSDs. Though it may increase performance in large sequential transfers, it may have a detrimental effect on random IO.

If you really want to do a clone and upgrade, which I could understand if you have a ton of apps you don't want to reinstall, you would restore the system image to the SSD when installed, using the app you used to make the image, and then you could do the upgrade to win10.