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Dec 27, 1999
I work for an auditing company and the sites I am auditing block my IP address because I have to many hits to their site. Is there a program or anyway I can block them from seeing my IP address? I work for a legit company and what I do is in no way illegal.
But when it comes to them having to refund money to my customers they want to try to stop me.

Thanks for any help you can give me.



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Jul 11, 2000
This isn't an answer to your question, but I am intrigued by your job. From what I gather, you work on the behalf of the end consumer to get their money back (for whatever reason) from some sort of business that the cunsumer is at odds with over some sort of monetary issue?

Are my assumptions correct?

I guess you get a cut of the money that you get refunded? How do the consumers find you and what tactics do you employ that would cause someone to ban your IP?

Just curious I guess.


Oct 13, 1999
since the server your talking to needs an ip address to be able to service your requests, you cant stop the server from seeing an ip address. However to get around this, there are several organisations that operate to mask the clients true ip address from any server. Most of these charge for the service but there are a few out there. the ones that come to mind immediattely are probably

these services tend to just use a proxy server to mask the clients address, but if the sites your worried about are blocking any address that makes multiple requests, then that may not help.

Alternatively, theres a site called where your client request is made anonymouse by bouncing it off others who have joined the scheme so the originating ip address is hidden to the server servicing the request.

for more accurate information check out

I thinks thats all just about right....
maybe theres others out there who can put me right if im mistaken on anything...
hope it helps


btw, it would be interesting to know what it is exactly, that you do!!!