need some help.


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Aug 11, 2001
Hi guys...
My mom is trying to get off of demerol (meperidine for you pre-meds) since she was put on it after some surgery involving cirrhosis of the liver from impacted stones. She's getting some withdrawal pains and would like to know if there was a non-opiate pain-killer she could take as kind of a step off. Currently she's trying to go with fentanyl(opiate) and Oxycodone(another opiate), in smaller doses, but they don't really help all that much. Methadone is out of the question even tho it's easier to pull out of because it may cause complications with her being on the organ donor's list. The most experience I had was a caffeine withdrawal problem last year, I imagine this is considerably worse. Just thought I'd ask if anyone had any suggestions or so.

PS - the surgery is healed, so my mom wants off of pain killers entirely.