Need some help with my CD burning troubles.


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Nov 26, 2000
Hey, I'm a CD-R newbie and I'd really appreciate some help.

I have CloneCD v2.8.4.2 and I can't get it to read my CDs. I have a Pioneer DVD-106S Rev 1.09 and a Plextor Plexwriter 16x10x40A Rev 1.00. Neither can write an image to the hard drive properly. I click "Read to Image File" from the main menu, select "Pioneer..." OR (doens't matter -- I get the same error) "Plextor..." from the drop down menu, and then try to copy. But it just sits at 0%. Now, if the "Read SubChannel Data" boxes are checked, the log says "Device [device name] doesn't support reading of 96 bytes subchannel data (CD+G)!" (ONLY for the Pioneer). From there it goes on with "Failed to read Sector 824," "Failed to read Sector 825," etc.

If the "Read SubChannel Data" boxes are unchecked, it just says "Failed to read Sector 824," "Failed to read Sector 825," etc.

I'm sort of at a loss here, because I can't get other burning software to work, either. Adaptec EasyCD creator just told me it couldn't read any data from the Pioneer drive, and Nero seemed to be working, but took 20 minutes to finish 3% of the CD read process. That can't be right, can it?

Thanks a lot for your help!



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Apr 27, 2001
What are you trying to copy? If it has any kind of good protection, it may take a while to read.