Need plasma tv replacement


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Aug 24, 2002
I am hoping for some help, because I am woefully out of date when it comes to TV technology.

The wife and I have moved across country and left the still-working 50" Panasonic plasma tv (that we bought somewhere around 2010-2011, I think) in the old home with our adult kids.

We are casual TV watchers, and only need a somewhat decent sound bar for audio, and will probably sign up for Spectrum cable tv in the new home.

While not a tv snob, I did enjoy the picture quality of the plasma tv over the last decade and more. It is only a 1080p display, but to me it still looks better than some of the cheap units I have seen in Walmart.

Is there something in the 50-60" range (for under $1K) that will give me a picture that is reasonably comparable in quality to the old plasma, and maybe has a decent selection of built-in streaming apps? TIA.


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Feb 26, 2006
IMO, the new LED screens are OK, but not great. I replaced a Panasonic 65" (TCP65VT60) plasma with a mid-priced Samsung 4k (UN65RU800DFXZA) in 2019. It's OK...but really doesn't compare to the Panny plasma. (plasma had darker blacks, handled motion better, and just looked better.)
There are lots of decent screens available in your price range, but, depending on the plasma you're replacing, could be disappointing...or fabulous.
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Apr 26, 2007
FYi the above linked oled is now $899.99 shipped at costco. I don't know if you have access to or want a costco membership, though you can probably buy that tv without a membership and pay a 5% nonmember surcharge...
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