Need home theater TV - help pick 65"

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Apr 29, 2001
I've entered a comp to win one of those brand spankin' new Sony projectors. Here's hoping. I've only got a 51cm Trinitron(standard) at the moment. :(


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Feb 27, 2000
hehe, I don't have one either! I used my friend's for a few weeks when he was moving, but all I have is a 27" TV and thankfully a nice 22 inch computer monitor.

I follow them though, and plan to get one within the next 2 years, and I'm gonna go all out with a dedicated room for movies, and outside the theater, I'm gonna have a popcorn machine ( real glass one like at movie theaters, though not as big) possibly a soda fountain, and a video arcade (a computer with MAME and a ton of games set up like an arcade machine)


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Jul 8, 2001
Aaron... PINBALL not video games :)

I have 1 working and 5 non working pinballs in my gameroom (outside of my media room). Yes the wife nags that I need to fix em... but they are fun to talk about :)

You can get a soda fountain for about $150 or so (there was a dude selling one here locally for $135). You'll need the CO2 cartridges and syrup...

Popcorn machines can get $$, but they make the best popcorn! (unless you don't want your WHOLE house smelling like popcorn!)