Need help w/my new VisionTek Xtasy 'Everything'!


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Jul 27, 2002
Picked this card at CompUSA.
It is based on a GF2 MX400 Chip, and has ViVo+TV capabilities.

I'm using the supplied software to watch TV, called InterVideo WinDVR.

On the tuner box it says NTSC, but the broadcasts in my country,Israel, is in PAL.
Now,the software is set to Israel and PAL_B.

After an Autoscan, in all the channels, I can't seem to see any other colors aside of black&white.
Furthermore, I only hear Bzzzz sound out of my speakers. I am using the drivers supplied with the card, and the TunerBox is connecter correctly as well as the cable to the LineIn of my Acoustic Edge soundcard.

I guess you would say it happens because the TunerBox is supposed to work w/NTSC and the broadcats are sent in PAL format.
If this is the problem, is there ANYWAY to bypass it??

Here are my system specs:

Asus P3V4X
Intel P-III 533MHz
128MB of PC100 RAM
17.2GB Seagate HD
Philips Acoustic Edge
ESS based chip software modem
Asus x12 DVD
LG CD-RW 8x4x32x
Creative PC-CAM 300

I thank you for your help!


Nov 23, 2001
return it and buy an Ati all-n-wonder or a dedicatied tuner card...

Sorry I do not have any info on this nvidia based card but it apparently has all sorts of issues