Need help setting up a router


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Jul 1, 2002
getting a little dlink cable router, using an AT$T @home connection shared with 2 computersl... is this going to be hard? what will I need to do other than run wires from the router to the compuuters? ME on one XP on the other?

any special settings? thanks a bunch!


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Oct 25, 1999
The issue can be divided into two:

1. Internet sharing.
2. Functional Network.

Internet sharing is easy; just make sure you have TCP/IP correctly set on each computer, and your browser is set to use LAN.

The Router?s setting is pretty simple, but you need to read the guide to set the Router correctly to your specific condition. Example: MAC cloning for Cable. PPPOE for DSL etc.

Achieving Functional Network i.e. File transfer and sharing between the two computers is a little more complicated, but a lot of help is available on this BBS.