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Need help getting network connected


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Dec 13, 2004
OK, I've never really used Linux/Unix, but our work has an option to use their software on a home PC. Trying to get a hold of IT and then explain the issue over the phone has been challenging (they aren't using the software so they can't really see the same screens). This is a new system they are trying out so things are still up in the air.
I created a bootable thumb drive, booted into the system, and it loads some kind of Linux OS. Under network connections, it gives me two options. I think this is because my mobo Ethernet port died, so I have a PCIE card installed which I use. The 2 choices are: "emp7s0" and "Wired Connection 1". Is there a way to tell which is which port? I googled and looks like enp7s0 is standard unix naming referring to an Ethernet port. That one says "Last Used now" and Wired Connection says "Last Used never". But when I try to connect to anything it just says that I don't have an active connection.

Sorry I don't have many details about the system, etc., but like I said it's a new process so still a work in progress. And it's a pain because I have to keep booting back and forth. Thanks!


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Apr 13, 2010
I would open a terminal and runs some commands to get more info:
lspci | grep -i net
ip li
ip ad
ip ro
nmcli d s
nmcli c s
(It is possible that your system does not have all these tools.)
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