Need advice, smell scam from wining an ebay car bid

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Aug 10, 2001
Originally posted by: Tiles2Tech
Originally posted by: Krugger
is it possible to change the mileage via computer? i mean i know you can roll back analog ones but what happens with digital odometers?

If you look at this seller's other auctions, he/she appears to sell other car parts - dash components, mats, etc. One could easily install a speedo/odometer from a wrecked Lexus - with lower mileage in it. I'd be willing to guess that this has happened as opposed to "rolling" the mileage back on the existing odometer. :(

man, if he's selling parts...who is to say its not from the vehicle he is trying to sell you. just sending them out left and right, leaving you with an empty shell of a car that holds nothing more than an odometer that reads as he promised