Need a small business laptop - decided for the Lenovo SL300, need suggestions


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Nov 30, 2008

I run a small business and need a laptop. I do not need anything absolutely top of the line, my most important needs are as follows:

- Small & (relatively) light, I don't want widescreen
- I do not need any 'security' features business laptops try to sell (i.e. finger print reader)
- Dual core with plenty of ram
- Sturdy, I do not want to worry about things cracking, breaking off, etc. in the normal course of business. I travel a lot so it should be able to handle a shock or two.
- I am looking to spend under 1000 euro

I heard that Lenovos are good business laptops.

I have personally never used a Lenovo but have heard many good things about the build quality. The reason that I chose the SL300 over the (for example) T500 is the weight (2.1kg vs 2.6kg) as price wise there is only a 200 euro difference. My biggest concern with the SL300 is the fact that it is not very powerful.
This is the one I am planning to buy (its in Dutch but I think the stats are understandable):

It has an Intel Core 2 Duo T5670/1.8Ghz processor. Is this powerful enough? If not, will I be able to easily upgrade at some point in the future?

Next the RAM. It has 2 GB installed, but they say that 3 GB is the maximum. Why is this? Apparently there are 2 DDR2 slots so in theory 4GB should be the maximum.

I also heard that the build quality of the SL300 is not quite the same as the better models (T500 for example).

Apparently one advantage of this model is that fact that the upgradeable parts are easy to access so upgrading is easier.

This is the T500 that I found:

Price wise I could do it but I'm afraid it will be too heavy to carry around all day.

Any suggestions guys?

Thanks in advance!


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Jun 11, 2007
The CPU is plenty fast. But with laptops there are no CPU replacments. The RAM and HDD are about the only things that can be upgraded in a laptop. Now the Laptop is limited to 3Gb due to the chipset it uses. Also i'm sure its loaded with a 32bit version of Vista not a 64 bit version. The 32bit version can't recognise more then about 3.5Gb anyway. Most laptops top out at 4gbs and thats only hady when running 64bit VIsta anyway. But 2 or 3 gbs is more then enough for buisness use. Unless you plan on doing allot of video encoding or photo editing.