Need a list of legitimate sites that use BitTorrent

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Feb 27, 2000
Here is the draft I just wrote.

Please remember I said DRAFT. I have not even read this over so it will be rife with typos. I've said it once and I'll say it again: I suck at writing so don't criticise this based and grammar etc. I'm going to have about 10 other people that actually know how to write edit this before it goes out. But anyways, in case you were curious:

As you may be aware, Humboldt State University has censored the popular internet file distribution service Bit Torrent.
Bit Torrent has become increasing popular over the past several years and is now a requirement at a large number of internet web sites to download legal internet files.
Because Bit Torrent is such an efficient way to download files, more and more legal internet web sites are using it to distribute their content. Not being able to use this service makes it impossible to download content from these websites.
By censoring this content from Humboldt State University Students, the University is preventing them from using the internet to its full potential. It is discouraging students from using the internet to do research for their classes. It is always discouraging students from living on campus. Students who would otherwise live on campus are choosing to move off campus to receive uncensored internet service from the local internet providers.
Humboldt State is the only internet provider is this area that censors this service. All the major high speed internet service providers in Humboldt County allow this service.
We the students find it unacceptable that an institution of higher learning would condone this form of censorship.
We anticipate there being two arguments from the administrations that will be used to justify this gross infringement on our rights and would like to address them both before hand.
The first is that Bit Torrent service has and can be used to download illegal files. This is true but is not a strong enough argument to censor the internet from students.
If students are found using this service illegally, there is no reason the MPAA or another any other major organization whose rights have been infringed upon cannot sue these students. There is legal president for this and a number of kids, students and adults have been successfully sued for downloading illegal files.
The second argument that we the students anticipate is that it will be too expensive because students will download more. This might be true, but we feel that is a burden the school has accepted by offering internet access to students living on campus. If this turns out to be the sole objection we would like the school to determine exactly how much more it will cost to unblock this service and the students can vote on whether or not they want to pay to have their internet service uncensored.


Jul 31, 2001
In all seriousness are you actually going to use BT for legal files?


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Jun 16, 2003
Originally posted by: CitizenDoug
As you all know BitTorrent is becoming more and more popular and is not just used to download illegal files anymore. It's needed just to download programs and legal files from a lot of sites.

What I am trying to do is complile a list of legitimate sites that use BitTorrent. If you know of a site that is legitimate (by legitimate I mean not set up to download illegal music or files but rather to distrube free-liscense software and such) could you please post it so I can add that list to my petition.

Thanks a million.

If you're already using BT to download legal files, you should know the sites by heart ;). Sounds like you want an excuse to pirate :p

BT was originally designed to distribute high-demand legal files, not vice versa. :)


Mar 1, 2000
HAH yeah this is going to work... Im sure the Universities traffic wont jump up exponentially if they unblock BT... IIRC, BT traffic is 35%+ of all currenty internet traffic. probalby 99% of that 35% stems from college-age kids.

You are fighting in TOTALLY useless effort.

"We anticipate there being two arguments from the administrations that will be used to justify this gross infringement on our rights and would like to address them both before hand."

MUAHAHAH You're rights? Dude, its THEIR network. Sure you go to school there and pay tuition, but its THEIR network. They can cut off email if they wanted or only allow to make it to you.... Cripes, please tell me you are a freshman :)