**n/m, Frizzle Fry helped me!** DSL Access Manager--anyone else experiencing problem with...


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Feb 5, 2002
...periodical stalling of the browser loading? I didn't know where to post this seeing as how this is a tcp/ip problem coupled with windows issues, and software.

I'm with Bell Sympatico HighSpeed DSL which uses Access Manager as the connector. Upon connection I have it set up so that the browser automatically launches, but it takes up to a minute to display the home page. The bottom bar will say "Searching for local host." From there on in, around every 10 minutes the browser stalls and displays the same message. It doesn't interfere with d/l or IM'ing, just the actual web sites will freeze up momentarily. I did a Google and found out that basically this has to do with Windows searching for the server connection which causes the delay. It gave instructions on how to fix the problem, but it didn't work. As for Bell Customer Support, that is a really big joke. Their view is that they provide the software but do not support it.

Here is the link I found and I would appreciate any feedback. Linky