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My computer is INSANE.


Oct 10, 1999
Monday morning: My alarm (Banshee Screamer on my PC) goes off at 6:05 to wake my fiancee. She snoozes twice and gets out of bet at 6:23. After she leaves I remember that my alarm is set for 8:00 but I want to get up at 7:30. Too lazy to get out of bed to switch the alarm, I set my bedside alarm clock and go back to sleep. Fiancee didn't tell me this until later, but she noticed at 6:23 that the clock still said 6:05!
7:30 wake up, the computer is off. Good thing I set my alarm. It won't turn on. I play with it for a few minutes and it comes back up.

Except now it bluescreens. Sporadically, but each crash is 100% reproducible. Open My Computer, BSOD. Open Windows Update it's fine. Maximize Windows Update, BSOD.

Get home from work and for the last few days I have been troubleshooting. First I thought it was a graphic driver, so I reinstalled those. No dice.
Then I reinstalled SP4 (Win2K Pro) and then reinstalled the video drivers. Different set of crashes, but just as reproducible.
Remove everything but the video card and RAM. Now it BSODs on login.
Finally I take out one stick of RAM (I have 2x256 in there). Now it doesn't BSOD on login!
Put the "bad" stick back in.....crash.
Take the "good" stick out.....no crash. WTF!
Try all the slots. With 512MB of RAM it crashes, no matter what the config.
Hell, if I put in 1x256 and 2x128 It STILL crashes!!!!!

So I put in 384 and reinstall my NIC and sound. It almost seems fine, but My Computer crashes it again.

Pull the 256 and put in just a 128.

Now it's fine.....so far....

Anyone guess at what this might be? Could my PSU be going? I can't think of anything else....all the other parts seem to be fine.....