My Build - i5 760

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Sep 9, 2010
Working on building the system last night, I was going through some old parts and came across some Tuner cards I've never really gotten much use out of. Tossed one in my old box. What could be better than being able to watch TV in our office while computing or working on this new system!

Here are the initial pics:



And on the Right, there is the new system.

Here is deep in the middle of it all:

And I had some fun while waiting for Windows 7 to install:

Everything seems to be a success! Of course I'll have to swap out the power supply once I get the right, smaller, cheaper one, and return this one. This case and system in general seems really nice. I haven't plugged in the back 120mm fan, but the other two case fans seem REAL quiet, as does the stock intel HSF and the ZOTAC GT 460. I'm definitely going to have to work on quieting my other system. I've named it "BlackBox" at least for now.

I've been having some issues with these tuner cards that I might have questions about later. I've had some stability issues on my old Athlon 64 3200 box which I believe might be due to the additional power draw (just a guess). That PSU is only 300 W. It's been running well since yesterday.
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