My Android 9 8" tablet -- one of three. Has it died?


Jun 30, 2004
I've come to the right place here, since I see other threads about Android devices. I switched to android mobile devices because I learned to hate my Apple cell-phone..

In addition to my Samsung late-model cell-phone which in total will cost me $800 bucks, I bought the fam-damn-ily a total of three inexpensive "Vankyo" android tablets.

I made a project of fitting the 7" model to the dashboard of my SUV, so I can get rear-view night-vision and backup camera, communicate with two bluetooth receivers feeding tunes and voice through my 1995 digital radio-receiver with 12 CD changer to my Polk Audio car speakers. I've got Google Maps, voice-recognition and voice navigation and other features -- half the library of Congress music-collection -- on a 1995 Isuzu Trooper LS. I'll save the other praises for my vehicle to post in "Garage", but they've already been posted there.

The other two tablets are 8" versions. One I keep in my room by my bedside, so I can keep an eye on my 97-year-old bed-bound Moms and the rest of the house using robotic pan-tilt-zoom wireless security cameras. When my brother died in January, I redeployed his 8" Vankyo tablet to our inner patio canopy and my garden, so I can watch TV and play anything from Van Halen to the complete works for harpsichord by JS Bach. I've replicated the music collection on my PC to the SUV tablet (128GB SDXC card) and the other two tablets.

Late today, I was finishing up the tedious work of reassembling my flagship PC -- threads about this posted elsewhere on these forums. My workspace was the canopied patio table, next to the garden. And I'm able to get Spectrum, Hulu, Sling, Pluto etc. through apps on the tablet, so I was listening to a news channel while installing a new motherboard.

Suddenly, I found that the tablet had shut down. it had not "gone to sleep", something I do with it to save power. The tablet gets a perpetual charge from a Lith-Ion Westinghouse power "generator" I keep charged up on the patio.

I tried to restart it. As soon as it goes through its initialization, a message appears that says "now shutting down your tablet". This now happens every time I try to start it up, and I don't see a remedy for it or imagine one.

Tell me if my tablet has died. Was it working too hard, deployed for streaming television? That's question #1.

#2 -- someone recommend to me an 8" Android tablet that will be more reliable than this. In fact, but for the unit in the SUV, a 9" or 10" tablet will be fine. But I've become spoiled either watching streaming TV or listening to my MP3 collection on the patio. It has become one of my life's simple pleasures . . .


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Sep 30, 2005
Perma charge is not exactly good for Li Ion battery. How old is the tablet?

For your use a Fire HD 10 should do. You can even trade in your dead tabet.
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Feb 3, 2021
Try pulling the memory card out (with the tablet off), then reboot tablet.
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