Question My ABSOLUTE HELL with windows 11 and now 10 with Games crashing and MORE!


Nov 13, 2001
I have been down a rabbit hole for MONTHS trying to figure out a problem ever since I signed up to be a "beta" tester before the roll out of windows 11. I did, used my computer for days till one day I played a game called Star Wars Fallen Order on it to see if the FPS is/was slower on 11 vs 10 and see the new features, but the moment I did, game crashed. I tried several games, but one thing I noticed about the ones that flat out would crash would be:

1: the games in audio setting has to have setting so you can change between headphone/tv speaker/home theater, and has to have 5.1/7.1/Atmos options within those setting as well
2: Using HDMI for the sound to a TV/Receiver or to TV then to receiver, point it audio must be HDMI selected.
3. If the game had none of the setting in audio as mention in #1 then it never ran perfectly either, which again was killing me, but at that point I could not put the two together, but gets better for I just recently found the fix and waited a month before putting this up!

This was BUGGING the ever living hell out of me. At the time I was using a Asrock X560 board, 3200mhz of ddr 4 19 cas, a creative X3 and a 3600X for I do not feel any of the rest really matters at this point for when I diag and I am puzzled, well then everything but the monitor (only one and NO other stuff) will be hooked up unless I get into windows at which only a board/mouse is plugged in, all else on the board but the c drive is unplugged power and sata.

I am sorry but here I will try to stay on point and the fix and what I went to to finally figure it out.

So now with my X3 as the sound driver ALL the games BUT the ones as mentioned that's had those specific still did not work, but with analog the game acted like it wanted to start, went though settings and all, went to load game and dead. But this time a game may start/die right away. Then a game may start play for a few seconds/crash. Then there were times it would run for several minutes and then die, but most if they died killed my computer taking something with it on the OS level causing a complete shutdown and reboot.

Before the switch to 11 from 10, I was using this same hardware for over a year. The same games for over decades, but the key factor is windows 11 and AMD (cannot say for Nvidia) when it was HDMI game crashed, NOW with ANALOG, it would get as far as the game about to start, sometime right away sometimes it would take a min or two, but it WOULD crash no matter what just a matter of time.

So I said screw it, went back to windows 10 and bums ur uncle! Everything worked fine, I CHANGED nothing, not the fans, not the paste, not the card, and even the same drivers for ALL of it, and then 11 releases, and am am staying away from it with a 100 ft pole. BUT then I get a update to my X3 with bug fixes and I think a firmware update, not saying what, but a release to address bugs with it and windows 11. NOTHING at this point about 11 and AMD/HDMI/Audio driver in games, and ONLY in games, movies/music/all else worked just fine, which is another reason this one was killing and a hard for me big time, for I been working on electronics for close to 40 years and computers for over 30 years (now 51) , along with tons of other hobbies, and this one was taking the cake, temps good, all new driver(s), all new drivers in beta for windows 11, fresh install 3 TIMES! But when I saw this, and 11 had been released publicly I decided to try again, for I liked the look and losing 5-10fps is not that bad, to me, but the moment I did, used I obit to get some drivers, I went and got the main ones like sound and video still straight from the source. Installed it all back in with a few testing games I knew that worked, or did not work right or at all, and guess what NOT A SINGLE DARN change, so my thoughts as my X3 was the root cause went out the window.

I down loaded a new version of windows 10 since I was on the internet, and installed that and OMGWTFBBGROTLMAOWTF IT'S WORSE!!!! Games do start yeas, but I am getting unexpected errors, crashes, and worst of all it was getting worse the longer I leave my computer on doing anything on it, and THIS IS A FREsH INSTALL with the same hardware and even the same and then NEWER drivers for it to try and find out what the hell the problem is, for now its games, movies, music, you name it, can be 5 minutes, it could be a hour, but one thing for sure, and especially after just playing a few games, the more and more I opened stuff the more and more and more slow my pc would get to a point it would save several minutes just for VLC or Media player to come up, or a movie, and DMAN if it been about a hour and 2 games before the 3rd one can take almost 15 minutes to start a game to say f it and restart my pc over and over again, and at this point was like it has to be hardware related, but I was broke so for months this went out resetting my pc so many many times per day just so I could "use" it DOWNGRADING from a fresh of 11 and nothing more, so I am totally WTF at this point and cannot do anything about it. I was broke and couldn't afford other parts, and I at this point was suspecting my very outdated M.2 SSD was the root cause (though shows 96% life left in it) because even in bios clearing it out for a fresh install, and when installing windows did not select a QUICk format, it DID NOT MATTER!!

Now I could afford some new parts, luck changed a little, and got a HELLA deal at ARS on a 3900x a 3x4 "newer" M.2 SSD, and top of the line (almost) 3600mhz DDR4 with a B550 made by Asrock as well. I even got a new power supply, with AGAIN A FRESH install of 10 and still have said screw 11 for now they still have to fix it, and what ever updates/skin to 11they did on that newer download from MS themselves of windows 10 using their media creation tool. DID NOT WORK, nothing worse, nothing better at which I threw it all at it, pissing off my son for I had him dismantle his pc out his case, and stuck all in mine, including his GTX1070 of his, and his 3600 (non x) and EVEN HIS BOARD of which is a Gigabyte X470 chipset so I can call it out for I tried 2 X570 mobos, a X470, and a B550 with ALL his hardware using my new SSD m.2 of which with a FREASH not Quick format of said card AGAIN using even his heatsink and redoing the thermal paste on EVERYTHING including his mobo and the other 3, his video card and mine, and the cpu over and over because it was getting worse over time now with windows 10 trying to figure out what the heck it was causing the heat issue, but at this point I am watching everything like a hawk, because even after doing all of that, and games working, over time, with my all my new hardware, old hardware, my sons hardware, new drivers, old drivers, the new thing between I can now put together is the games and all was working prior going from 10-11-10-11-10, now this over time BS with a NEwER version of windows 10 over what I had been using for about 2-3 years at that point. I mean I am watching everything, what I was doing/watching/playing/listening to how often the hourglass on the mouse what flashing, but the new thing like being new with window 11 and having screwed up things was this was not my OLD version of windows using Iobit to install divers after that, but a NEW updated version of windows 10 with a totally new thing no matter what hardware or drivers where being used till I figured it out and new hardware off all different makers and models.

Iobit advanced cleaner put a little thing on the desktop you can click that can release unneeded ram the system well, can release back into the system, and again this was pissing my son off because I took his pc at this point for I had it, and was still doing it no matter what I tried, for something I had been doing prior to the 1st 11 on the old version of 10 worked great, but code had changed, and I thought game/11 related. I thought Game/X3/HDMI related and its/their respected drivers and 11. Then "driver" fix for 11 for x3, not fixed, grab new copy of 10 on usb stick that had 2 year old copy of windows 10 to a fresh 2022 copy and ALL crazy more hell is going on, so I have nothing but drivers, and few games, chrome, and THATS IT while it is still acting crazier and crazier as time goes on and can no longer even leave my pc running overnight with not even the screen saver going, to wake up every time to it being locked having to hold the power button in for a hard rest. This had been going on till the last 3 weeks to a month till I took the time to try and write this the best I can with my problems I have mentally and physically sice 2003 (when some doubt I ever was back then here and arstech) and since back then till now cannot text right getting made fun with members on this forum still calling me stupid/retarded/and do you have a mental issue as being made fun of FOR my mental issue(s) and expect me NOT to defend myself and problems I am being made of :p like back in 2003 when shit hit the fan for me becoming disabled and being told and to others I was faking it because my parents at 5 years old and being cb nuts (in 1976) game me the cb handle of moochadime for I would go around the bar they would take me to and mooch dimes from people there so I can play pinball, found a picture of me on the floor with my so in his new test I bought for him claim if my back was bad and I was disabled why is he on the floor not know even if it was taken BEFORE OR AFTER I got hurt, its MY SON, 2-3 years old, happy with what dad bought for him, and most like so there on the floor or not THAT WAS MY SON, have a child and see what you do for them in pain or not and I still do with a Daughter of 7 years old and worse off in everyway then I was back in 2003 and just like in 2003 and now have proof I am and will always be till I die, but just like then, and before when growing up being made fun of because you were a fat kid as your brothers, father, step father, mother and all under the sun, just like I am sure someone has made a comment below to show their superiority of me being retarded. ANYWAYS had to put that in there for I am sure the usual crowd when I try MY HARDEST to type my finding have now posted mean ass crap about me 30 years latter, amywho Clearing the little button to release the ram seemed to work, only for a time for delayed the inevitable which at some point no matter how much I release it would become a snail and have to reboot if it didn't look up by that point. Now I run 4 monitors. My main is a high end but their low end 50" Hisense my other 3 are some Dell things I run on each side of it in vertical and here was MY fix and cannot believe it took me this long, and MS has no fix for it or AMD as far as I know for this NEW WINDOWS !) problem, but I really feel its related with the windows 11 problem.

On the 4 screens before going to 11 for the first time, and my whole life up to that point I have a folder that has some art I have collected, and pictures I have taken of my family I like my screens to cycle through as I sit here 24/7 because I am disabled and I loved(ed) looking at them as they randomly come up in the thousands, mostly family pics because when I got my first digital camera in 2002ish time I have kept all I have taken which was and still is an even older hobby and maybe the oldest for growing up I always had my film camera with me, and again being poor, even 99 cent film was alone let alone the procession of the film, so every shot I ever took had to count to what I seen with my eye, could care less of others for I was around 6-9 at the time. But as I am watching everything for I now recruited my son to play all these games, and mess my computer up so I can find the problem, fix the problem, he gets his pc back, I get my pc back and can actually finish for I really could not use it for other thigs up till then for it was always messing up and needed to fix the problem. So between clearing ram, and watching what the pc was doing on the other side with like 4 windows open tell me cpu percentage per thing running not just gpu, cpuid, IOBIT, AMD, if had a app to tell me temp % how many things running, as he played I watched it all, FOR ALMOST 2 MONTHS STRAIGHT!!!! :O then I saw a pattern. The hourglass upon first restart was hardly there a flicker now and then, and then I noticed more flickers, and then more slowdowns, clear ram, little better, but still more flickers, even more slow downs, but because of having the other screens I never would of found the fix!

As it got worse and worse I noticed when one of the other 3 with no game on it would flicker the hourglass, as I saw one of the screens change its picture, I waited for another and nothing, and was like ok just happened to do it at a time the pic changed, carry on gaming my son! But then, another would change flicker, another one change nothing, then another flicker, then another with a flicker, then another no flicker, to a point the more games he played, or longer my pc was on a changed it pictures per screen all at different times, some would change 2 at the same time, while other 2 had different but the pattern emerged! And then it got to a point every a picture would change on ANY monitor the flickers happened more and more as the pc got used more and more for anything at all.

So 3 weeks-month ago after seeing this I changed to a single MS windows 10 Static image, and it all went away. I can keep my pc on overnight, and now with screensaver and always on again making full use of it again, and son has his back too. So Last Friday I turned back on my photo shuffle and wouldn't you know it within about a hour it slowed and crashed, and did for the rest of the day. I left it on over night Saturday, and it was locked up this morning. I turned it off this morning at around 8am and have played 2 games, several YouTube videos, and now music, and have not shut it off, or cleared out ram yet and its now 1:20. FIXED! For windows 10, now I still have to do it for Windows 11 IF, IF IF IF IF, I decide I want to do all this crap all over again for its working just fine.

So having same problem with your new downloaded from MS windows 10 on ur pC when before you did not, now you know why? Go through "years" of hell and money you did not have to spend or really had to spend that could of been spent for other things. Its flooding the os every time a new picture comes up, till the os just cannot take no more and would swear you are infected with a Miner virus, but CPU/GPU isn't running at 100% slowing thigs down for its says only 10% maybe of CPU.
Coming from the guy growing up and even to this day being called stupid and fat because unless I can talk to you in person I find it EXTREAMLY difficult to type what I want to say because in part of my disability my mind is always going 1K MPH, my hands though fast cannot keep up with what I want to type and get out before I forget it all. It took me retesting the retest to make sure I tried my best at fixing this, for unless you have more then one monitor, shuffle pics on them at 5-10 sec intervals, watched this pc like a freaking hawk, a one monitor Joe, with pic shuffle will never ever ever know or having Iobit software as well installed to just catch that.

SO FIX IT AMD MS NVIDIA you are our only hope! I want my Pictures back in rotation!!!! Id take my pics over games if I could but having it with rotation of my own pics it doesn't matter what I use my pc for so I cannot just turn it off, play a game, then turn it back on, for only fix I can fin, I do not know how to read or write code, but I am a damn good diag guy when it comes too all things electronics and anything that burns fuel I can fix, or find the problem and ask for help, and I NEED HELP at this point for I cannot get into the OS if wanted to to fix it at this point to keep they system from flooding and becoming , but I think it has to do with windows 11, and what ever update you took from it to windows 10 that was totally different in the os itself that made it start doing all that new crap!

Tech Junky

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Jan 27, 2022
I would edit this and stick to the basic facts and leave out all of the other "info". It's a bit much to figure out exactly what you're trying to convey here.

I gather you were running windows 10 and upgraded to W11 insider.
Games worked under W10 and have issues under W11

Might be obvious but, why not go back to W10 and do a clean upgrade to W11? or just do a fresh install of W11 w/o the insider junk.
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Iron Woode

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Oct 10, 1999
After reading that incoherent mess, I noted 2 take aways:

1. sound cards can cause serious issues on AM4 boards. Especially Creative cards and Asus cards.

2. Asrock makes flaky boards so I avoid them.

I also noted there was no list of parts installed in your PC. That info helps a lot. Methodical testing of components can reveal where the problems are. My opinion is that the board is having intermittent issues with the sound card causing system instability. I could be wrong but I have seen too many complaints about AM4 and sound card issues.

My system, which is in my sig, runs perfectly all the time. Plays games no problem. Even dual boots win 10 and win 11.
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Jul 6, 2007
I had good experience with ASROCK, feature rich and reasonable price, but not Gigabyte.

Gigabyte is slow to update it's BIOS, one of mine old Gigabyte boards will lose mouse/keyboard if I ran Linux during install stage, even in text based menu, and one ITX board when I received did not have onboard buzzer or any 4 pin connector so you can attach a speaker, a completely design flaw so I had to return it. Would not buy any board from Gigabyte ever again.
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May 30, 2000
I also had a good experience with Asrock. My USB ports had static in them, and they released a new bios that fixed the issue. That was on the X570 Taichi. That took about two weeks before they sent me a beta bios, which was released soon after.
I can't say anything bad about Gigabyte either. They made my last Intel motherboard, which was a great Hackintosh PC. I'm using Asus now. We go back years. So far so good.


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Aug 22, 2001
I stopped reading at beta tester. Enjoy all the bug reports. :D

As @Tech Junky noted, be much more succinct for troubleshooting help.

List of hardware
Any software of note.
Whether or not the config worked properly initially, and what changes were made since.
What you have replaced.
What has had firmware and/or driver updates.
Did you do a standard troubleshoot? I.E. barebones out of case with only essentials hooked up. I always use a different kb&m, and even monitor cable, monitor, and electrical outlet, just to eliminate that right off the bat as well.

I would still begin at beta tester. Take the whole system apart. Clean everything, including slots and ports, reassemble. Install fresh OS normie style, local account, no expansion cards installed. Update everything, even the monitor firmware if you can. Stress test or run whatever was producing issues.

I am the American Idiot. I have performed upgrade to 11 pro, fresh 11 pro, dual and triple boot OS with 11 pro. So far no literal, game breaking issues. The UI is the thing about 11 that is dumb imo.

As to the anecdotal experiences with boards. I have used a lot of boards. I have had flaky boards from every vendor. ASRock leads for flaky boards IME. One worked fine for me, but a few weeks after selling it, the buyer started having cold boot issues. I have a x370 with USB 3.0 front panel that never did have the drop out issues resolved. I am committed to putting in the new bios this month, and seeing if it is finally resolved. If not meh, it ain't in service actively anyways. Cool that it can take a 5 series Ryzen though; it's over 4yrs old I think.

I also have 3 Gigabyte AORUS ELITE models, 2 AMD, 1 Intel - B450, B550, Z490, and all are solid and came with good features for the money. The B450 has been getting run hard by my kid for years now, zero issues. BIOS and UEFI are definitely not as good as MSI or Asus IMO, but serviceable. I did not early adopt with any so revision and UEFI are mature by the time I buy. Updating for new CPUs is the only time I have needed to flash.

I have x570 Asus and just traded away a B450 MSI, both issue free as well. I do have an ITX ASRock B450, been great value so far, time will tell.