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Mueller documents/interviews to be release to Congress

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Nov 11, 1999
Its gonna go to the SCOTUS. They should just send it there today and let it lay. I don't think the modern GOP has stacked the SCOTUS enough to change the constitution but its in the mail for sure.
The trajectory is determined by the admin & the courts. The House can't appeal the ruling because they're the winner. So Trump's lawyers will delay, delay, delay as much as the courts will allow. There are branching paths from here. The panel can let Howell's ruling stand. They can send it back to Howell over a technical matter. They can set a date to hear arguments & then either support or reverse Howell. Once we get past that, an appeal to the full appeals court has the same possibilities as does an appeal to the SCOTUS thereafter. Expect a stay against Howell's order to remain in effect throughout unless Trump's lawyers give up at any point, which is not likely. The short path to the SCOTUS is for the appeals courts to simply let Howell's ruling stand.