Moving (semi) deactivated Google account to new Android tablet


Feb 10, 2012
I just purchased a new Android tablet and am trying to copy over everything from my previous tab. Here's the issue I'm facing: the account I used when I set up my old tablet is a work account from which I lost access in mid January (retirement ftw). In spite of the superficial deactivation, the old Android tablet has continued to sync to the email account and show me new emails. None of the emails coming through concern me all that much anymore, but occasionally an old contact will send an email to that account and my old tablet is the only way I have of accessing them. When I try to copy everything from the old tablet onto the new one, though, that account doesn't make it across. My institution has a completely separate sign in procedure to which Gmail links and I can't simply add the old account to the new tablet because my login fails.

If I'm just out of luck, it's no big deal, but there has to be a way to do this that I just can't figure out. One of the Android savvier types around here can surely show me the light!