Move away from LTSB?


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Oct 13, 2013
Hey fellas last year one Windows 10 update reset almost all my installed software to its factory settings, had to re-configure every one of them, so had it there, was looking for alternatives, was being suggested Windows LTSB version. But after using this for a year or so, I think this one has some problems. Asus audio driver pops up error at every boot, also don't think the power control option works as my rig doesn't go to standby after set 15 mins inactivity, Java won't install and stuffs like that. Other than these it's okay though, haven't received any nonsensical update ever.

So would like to come back to Windows 10 standard version, but over my dead body I will be letting Windows to install them updates and fuck up my software again. So is there anything I can do where only security and stability related updates will push through and not others?

Thanks in advance.


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Jul 2, 2011
No there is nothing you can do. Either stay with the enterprise version you have and receive no feature updates just security and reliability updates or you install Win10 Pro and let Microsoft push updates to your system. Those are your only two options.
FWIW Java should install fine and power settings should work correctly on the enterprise version of Windows10 so I'm guessing there is an issue with your install. Also updating to the newest version of Windows10 should not have any adverse affects on your already installed programs. It certainly wouldn't reset all of them back to factory settings. This honestly sounds like a pebkac error to me.