mouse button "sticking" in games w/ XP


Apr 12, 2000
has anyone else experienced this? with my new computer, the left mouse button seems to stick. sometimes when i release the button, it keeps on sending a signal even though i let go. it wont stop until i press it again. it's not the mouse itself as i have tried several diff mice. im using an MS intellimouse USB (not optical) but ive tried different usb ports, a different MS USB mouse, and my old MS intellimouse (PS2). it only seems to come up in games (q3, Serious Sam, RCTW), but i never hold down the mouse button for an extended period of time when just doing regular desktop stuff. i've tried the newest intellimouse drivers, and also the drivers that origially came with the mice (though they say they are incompatible w/ XP, i was able to install them anyways)
any ideas how to fix this?