Mounting GPS in a Ford Focus


Feb 1, 2008
Just got a tomtom 140. Trying to determine the best place to stick it in a ford focus.
Don't really want to mount it on the windshield, but all the dash areas are rounded, no flat services.
Where would focus owners recommend sticking the gps (watch it now :laugh: be nice).



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Nov 3, 1999
I found an extremely nice "anti-theft" mounting solution for most of GPS. No one will know you have a GPS in your car when not mounted.

Search fleabay with "tetrax", and if your focus has flat surface area, you can stick it.


May 18, 2001
Here is another option:|66%3A2|39%3A1|72%3A1234|293%3A1|294%3A50

OK, because it's an ebay link I've had to include the REMOVE in there, but there you go...

Ian McPhee

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Dec 4, 2011
I hate the window mounts since they always seem to fall off in the high heat or low cold temps. What I did was I picked up a cup holder ashtray (got mine from a Toyota Tundra that the company owns since smoking is not allowed in the company trucks), cleaned the top of the lid with rubbing alcohol and used the adhesive mount on the top of the lid. Then placed it in the extra cup holder ( for me that is the driver side, I find it too close to my leg to use for my coffee anyway). Very secure, out of the way and not distracting, I have a Garmin 1490LMT, which has no problems receiving SAT feed from that location, but you should check your unit before trying this because some units will not have good reception in this location. The only issue you will have is figuring out what to do with all the extra power cord because it is very close to the lighter plug in.


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Jan 24, 2004
I got a universal mount for my cell phone here. I use the vent mount option on it and like the positioning a lot. It ends up being just a little above and to the right of my steering wheel, and it's easy to place the cell phone and remove it. Don't know if it'd work well for a real gps though.


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Jun 12, 2008
I used to own a Ford Focus, and I found the perfect mount point for my GPS. Depending on your year/model maybe yours might have the same features to exploit.

The rounded surfaces and vents were proving to be a PITA for mounts, but I noticed the speedometer cowl extended out beyond the instrument readouts. There are easily accessible screws under the overhang, which turned out to be the perfect exploit. I simply removed one, and used it to bolt in a mount surface- just a metal bar, bent to fit, with holes drilled at either end.

Here's a quick-sketch diagram:

When I first put it in, it held my now-ancient Mio c310 (later a c520):

When I got my DroidX, I simply adapted a generic cellphone holder to my homemade mount point. It misleadingly looks like it's attached to the windshield in this picture, but it's nowhere near it:

In my model of Focus, there was a little junk-drawer thing right under this area, which was the perfect place to both store my power cable (hooked up behind the dash) and bring it up to the phone with the least amount of wiring. Ditto aux cables.

Also the mount position couldn't have been better from a function standpoint- it was close enough to my steering wheel to control a touch-screen with an extended finger while still keeping hands on the wheel, yet far enough not to interfere while steering. It didn't block my view, or any dash readout or vent. I couldn't have picked a better spot if I had tried.

Also the mount held my devices perfectly stable, and when the device was removed, my makeshift mount-bar was hidden behind the empty cradle, and up under the speedometer cowl. So it never looked makeshift at all. Another bonus: When I sold the car, I simply removed the mount- there had been no permanent physical change to the car at all.

I've since had a much harder time finding an equally nice mount point in my new CRV the only thing I've regretted about it vs. the Focus.

Anyway, take a look at your Focus and see if it has a similar dash setup that you can exploit.