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More Iraqi & ME news updates for the lazy, even a little on NK... 25 articles, all linked for your convience


May 13, 2002
Polls Suggest Americans Favor U.N. Ties

"The American public is showing significant enthusiasm for having gone to war, and the president has overwhelming support for that choice," said Steven Kull, director of the Program on International Policy Attitudes. "It does seem, though, that this support is very compartmentalized and specific to the Iraq situation."

"There's no evidence it is spilling over to other areas, into a greater readiness to use military force against either Syria, Iran or North Korea (news - web sites)," Kull said. "They continue to favor an approach that emphasizes diplomacy just like they did before the war."

"The idea that the United Nations is no longer relevant is rejected by the public," Kull said.

Powell Upbeat on Iraq Resolution Deal with Berlin

Elbaradei Warns of Iraq Nuclear Emergency

VIENNA (Reuters) - The head of the United Nations (news - web sites) nuclear watchdog agency warned Monday that a nuclear contamination emergency may be developing in Iraq (news - web sites) and appealed to the United States to let his experts back into the country.

The U.N. agency has warned that stolen radioactive material could wind up in the hands of terrorists who could use it to make dirty bombs.

hhhhmmmm, where have we heard that before...

Shiites March in Baghdad Against U.S.

Up to 10,000 people gathered in front of a Sunni Muslim mosque in Baghdad's northern district of Azimiyah, then marched across a bridge on the Tigris River to the nearby Kadhamiya quarter, home to one of the holiest Shiite shrines in Iraq.

It appeared to be the largest protest against the U.S. occupation since the war ended.

we had more antiwar protestors here, maybe they should go to Mosul, UmQasar, and into the Kurdush northern regions, all are represented by elected Iraqi's.

Suicide Bomber Wounds 3 Israeli Troops

Report: U.S. Must Be Ready to Blockade North Korea

Rift Over Transfer of Power Divides U.S., Iraqis

France will back improved UN resolution on Iraq -- Chirac

Coalition officials in Iraq insist government plans still on track

Coalition Forces Capture Saddam's In-Law

Statue of Saddam's Predecessor Toppled

U.S. Acknowledges Iraq Security Obstacles

U.K. Troops Teach Iraqi Kids About Mines

Calif. Editors Critique Iraq Coverage

Like other Americans, newsroom staffers were divided in their opinions about the war. Editors reminded journalists to avoid actions that would raise an appearance of bias.

Still, even in San Diego, where one in five families have some connection to the military and coverage of the armed forces is a high priority, some staffers of The San Diego Union-Tribune participated in an anti-war protest, said Todd Merriman, the paper's senior editor for news.

Iraq could break with OPEC: report

oh no, donn't break up that great cartel that plays with the worlds economy and has proven to be so moderate...

Japan to Announce $70 Million in Iraq Aid-Report

U.S. Official Meets Northern Iraq Council

Iraqi Pension Agency Makes First Payments

U.S. Faces Array of Dangerous Iraq Groups

Three US soldiers killed, several injured in postwar clean up

UNICEF Warns of Iraq Humanitarian Crisis

"If action is not taken very fast," she warned, "this country will end up in a major crisis."

Bellamy cited a recent surge in cases of diarrhea among children in Iraq as a source of particular concern.

(rumor has it they are down to their last roll of charmin)

U.S. Official Touts Iraq City Council

MOSUL, Iraq - Touring the country he has been entrusted to reconstruct, the top American civilian official met Sunday with a city council billed as postwar Iraq (news - web sites)'s first elected body and called it a "great example of embryonic democracy."

L. Paul Bremer, Iraq's civilian administrator, said the United States remained committed to establishing an interim national government without delay.

"We are intent on moving as quickly as possible," Bremer said.

Bus drivers demand their sacked Baathist boss be reinstated

Tracking Saddam's Cash Proves Tough Job

The officials say they see evidence of a state within a state whose workings were known only to Saddam and a handful of aides. Even captured ex-Finance Minister Hikmat Ibrahim al Azzawi has revealed nothing useful to interrogators so far.

Like the WMD programs he was so famous for....

Iraqis Test Newfound Press Freedoms