[Mobo gives Q code 76 doesn't boot]


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Nov 20, 2017
Hello everyone,
So recently I'm getting Q codes 13 or 14 before getting to Q code 76. Also grtting a red light cpu.
Whenever I turn my pc on, everything runs, my fans, cpu cooler and gpu pretty much works. But my monitor says that it doesn't receive any signal from my computer. I have tried both hdmi and dp ports. Also I know my pc isn't booting, because whenever I click on capslock it doesn't light up.

After this happening, I have tried several things as suggested on other forum post, like updating bios, trying 1 stick ram, resetting cmos, unplugging cables en replugging them in, check if all cables are in, trying to boot without hdd/ssd, taking out the gpu, re done thermal paste,
Reseating cpu etc.

Pretty much almost every possibilty that there is, I'm gettin crazy, because I have spent hours on this situation and I still don't know the cause. It could be anything, maybe it really is the cpu or motherboard?

PS: this is not a new build PC, I've had this for almost 2 years.Also this started happening after I took out gpu for rma, but pretty sure this had nothing to do with this issue.

Mobo: X99-A
Gpu: r9 390
Cpu: i7 5820k
750W psu


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Dec 12, 2010
Looking at Q Code 76 in the x99 manual, I see PCH DXE Initialization (PCH module specific).

DXE = Driver Execution Environments. Once system RAM is initialized and the PEI phase completes, the DXE environment is entered, engaging, among other things, PCI-e lanes.I mention this since the occasion of removing the GPU from its PCI-e slot coincided with this error.

You say you have tried the typical remedies, and taken steps to remove all the stuff from the system and booted with only the keyboard and mouse, (out of the case is the only way to do that to remove shorts from stand offs), one stick of ram and no hard drive, then adding one additional bit of hardware with a reset between each addition and see where the stop error occurs.
If all that fails call Asus for further instructions. My sense is there is a PCI-e mobo problem.