MLB The Show 2014

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Sep 28, 2001
RTTS is the way to go. I'm addicted.

I have a 3B and a Pitcher both in AAA right now. Both are so close to call ups. Although I find its been a lot longer getting my 3B to where I'm at than the pitcher. (I've played wayyyyyyyyyyyy more games as my fielder). I started as a 1B but switched to 3rd.


Sep 2, 2000
Oh wow, I'm kinda jealous.

In Franchsie mode, I'm averaging about an hour or so for a game. Certain games, particularly playoff or division games where I'm being extra patient or strategic, it can be an hour and a half or more. So I end up playing one game, and then usually simming the next 5 or so.

My franchise games take about 30 minutes. You using fast pitch? I just finished the month of June on mine so I'll probably go back to my RttS players for a while.


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Mar 28, 2003
So I'm now "officially" on my third season of my Giants franchise.

After winning the World Series in my first season, my second didn't end quite as gloriously. In fact, due to a bone-headed oversight by myself and some cheap shenanigans from the CPU, I got swept.

So I win the Wild Card against the Braves, and am in the NLDS against the hated Dodgers. Game 1 and 2 are in LA, and I lose both, 0-2 and 3-4. Each one down to the wire, as tense as you can get. So in a 0-2 hole in a best of 5 series, I don't have much hope, but what happened next still irked me.

So it's Game 3, I'm warming up my pitcher before the game. At the end of the 8 warm-up tosses before each game, I get a pop up box telling me "Buster Posey [my all-world catcher] has been injured and must be replaced"


Yes, my best player was injured for the entire crucial playoff game while catching 8 warm up tosses before the game even starts!

"Oh fuck that, no you don't!" I think. I honestly wouldn't mind so much, except that as you guys know in-game injuries (not to pitchers being beaned with line drives) are EXTREMELY rare in this game. I just played 25 full games last season and didn't ONCE have a player get injured. So I say screw it, sim to the end of the game, which we lose and quit and reload my franchise, so that I can play a fair full game.

But I didn't know........the game....autosaves.


Soooo...yeah. It wasn't TOO upsetting since I was already down 0-2 and likely wouldn't have won the series anyway, but still.

So now the offseason is over and I'm ready to get into Season 3. My roster remains mostly unchanged. Biggest difference is I didn't resign Lincecum (wasn't going to pay 5/mil a year for 5 years, but hopefully some of my young fictional pitchers and fielders can play big and carry the slack. I have 2 starting pitchers in their early 20s with "A" potential who are already rated in the mid 70s, so that bodes very well.


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May 18, 2001
My 2B has now officially entrenched himself in The Show with the Boston Red Sox! After an inaugural season in AA and AAA in which I tore up the leagues, I was invited to spring training for 2015 (during the offseason, the Red Sox offered me a 1-year AA starter contract). After a good performance, the Sox kept me up in the big leagues for the 2015 season as a bench/utility player.

The 2015 season was slow going given the random playing time, but I started turning it on in the July and started getting more solid playing time. But come August, Boston starts slumping and I land on the 60-day DL. Boston freefalls from 6 games clear in the AL East to a 3rd place finish in the division and we missed out on the playoffs.

During the offseason, I'm offered a 1-year contract of an MLB Bench role. I heal during the offseason and am ready for the spring training, which goes less successfully than the year prior. In fact, the first month of the season goes poorly and I struggle to perform, staying just above the Mendoza line; I'm surprised I'm getting regular playing time.

Then around mid-May, things start to turn around. I start hitting, I take control of my lead runner baserunning opportunities and start stealing bases, and before I know it, I'm the go-to DH for the team. I'm playing every day and performing well above expectations. Unfortunately, the team's pitching can't keep up and we find ourselves 7 games out of first in the AL East behind the division leading Blue Jays(!). But this year is shaping up to be marquee for me on an individual basis even if my team isn't competitive enough. I'm leading the All Star voting for 2B in the AL, I'm 4th in the AL in hitting and am leading the league in stolen bases. My overall rating is 93 with an adjusted overall rating of 97 or 98. I'm looking forward to seeing where the rest of this season goes.