Microsoft Edge browser is dead, long live Chromium.

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Feb 25, 2004
In stark contrast, I encountered a rare problem with Firefox on my tablet recently: it wouldn't load any sites after its local home page. I narrowed the problem down to ublock origin, reinstalling the add-on and reinstating its default settings didn't help so I went into the FF profile folder and deleted ubo's extension data folder. Problem solved, no meaningful data loss needed.
Huh, I think I had this same problem at work last week. I had no idea what caused it but uninstalling and reinstalling fixed it which I didn't expect to work. But I'd run out of ideas.
Aug 22, 2004
That's OK to not be OK with it. But also need to understand the financial impact of 0 ads. If you want to pay for every website you use, and want to pay for all TV, and pay for every search engine you use.... great. But that isn't realistic I understand not click ads, I don't either, but they are part of the internet, they are part of TV, they are part of life.

I use adblock etc... but the companies still pay for the ads whether or not I see them, so I'd rather they pay for it then me pay per website etc....

I'm not dumb, I protect my important info and I use VPN's etc... when it is fitting, but I also understand the basics and I could care less if Google knows when I shit or if I am looking to buy a new item... Why should I value that information? It isn't useful to me, I may not feel it is useful for them either since I don't buy through ads, but those ads still fund the services I use and they get funded through companies who think it does impact me, even if it doesn't.
Whether you buy through ads or not, your data is still immensely valuable to the companies that sell ads and buy the user data to target them.

As for paying for things, well if it wasn't such redacted, low effort garbage content, I'd pay for it. I donate to content creators I enjoy watching, and I whitelist some sites, like AT. I do adblock YouTube entirely, but that's because you can't pick and choose who's channels to allow ads for.

Come on. This is the 4th time you've been told.
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Mar 9, 2005
If MS would give us the chromium engine in the IE wrapper I'd be even happier.
Mar 9, 2005
I wonder how long we'll have to wait for that version to appear?