Microcontrollers with built in USB?

Mark R

Diamond Member
Oct 9, 1999
Does anyone have any experience with these microcontrollers?

I'm particularly interested in developing some simple circuits based on the Microchip PIC16C745. However, I have relatively little experience in developing for microcontrollers.

This device seems ideal for my projects, but are there any alternatives to it.

Secondly, how difficult is it to write client code (PC side code) for these devices?

Any other comments?


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Oct 10, 2000
The pic 16c745 seems like a good choice since it has built-in usb. The only problem is it doesn't have EEPROM so reprogramming it might get annoying after a while. Other than that, you will have to write the firmware for that chip which will be developed using ASM. If you don't like programming in ASM, try looking at the 18FXX50 series which have a C compiler developement environment.