Media Adapter 100mbps UTP to Fiber


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Jun 15, 2004
Cant use company purchase order for ebay..

Anyone else? also anyone know model #'s to look for?


Jan 11, 2001
Originally posted by: robphelan
pardon my ignorance... what does this do?

TRENDnet's TFC-110 series Fiber Media Converter transforms 10/100BaseTX UTP/STP media to 100BaseFX media and vice versa. The 10/100BaseTX port auto-senses 10 or 100Mbps connection speed, auto-negotiates half-/full-duplex mode, and auto-selects MDI-X / MDI-II media type. The fiber connection can be multi-mode SC, MT-RJ, or single-mode SC Connector and it has a slide-switch for selecting half- or full-duplex mode. This converter will give your Switch/Hub the ability to interface with fiber connection over a distance up to 75 km. With the optional 16-slot EIA-19" rack-mount chassis; the TFC series converters are the perfect solutions for various fiber media conversions for your network.


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Nov 13, 2001
C0BRA99, Chances are that if your application involved fiber, it's already costing a lot of money, and it needs to be reliable. Don't get a cheap media converter.

The MILAN converter was recommended to a company I work with by Verio, who has very smart people doing equipment torture testing for them. Those media converters have been rock solid. I cannot say the same for others I've fielded.

CDW has the MILAN for $200ish, you can probably get it a little cheaper elsewhere or if you negotiate a little with CDW. Probably around $350 for a pair.


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Mar 19, 2001
CDW sells a variety of these kind of media converters.

If you search through their "Outlet" link, there are frequently a bunch of them at discount prices.

One of my co-workers just got a pair of Allied Telesy converers for ~US$65.00 each. (That's cheap, and they are quite reliable).

These kinds of unit are pretty much automatically "commercial grade" and go from US$100-300.00 each.

If you have a switch with 100BASE-FX, you'd only need one unit (that must do 100BASE-FX) ... be advised, not all of these transcievers use standard protocols on the fiber link.

Gig Ethernet units WILL NOT do 100 BASE communication, 100BASE units WILL NOT do Gig E.

Make sure both units are doing the same protocols.

Good Luck