Mac File Sharing on NT 4, disconnect problems


Junior Member
Jul 20, 2000
There's a little problem with a file server at my university. They've got a "professor's folders" server that stores files for academic use in classes. It's a simple file server running on NT 4 server with Macintosh file services installed.

After some time, it seems that machines aren't able to access the file server anymore -- they're denied access as if they didn't have proper privileges. I'd have to look into it more to give real specific details and a better diagnosis but here's what I've got:

Event log:
MacSrv error ID 12054. Guest login timed out and disconnected

Funny thing is, it seems that Windows 2000 boxes can always access just fine, but NT 4 workstations seem to have trouble after this happens as well. Furthermore, if you restart the File Services for Macintosh service, then everything seems to work again for a while, or at least for a few minutes. This server is on a very large network and it's hard to track down outside variables, but I was wondering if this sounds familiar to any of you folks out there. Ah, nothing like learning NT 4. =)

Thanks a bunch in advance!