looks like i've been forced into upgrading

Aug 26, 2004
as you may have seen in my previous thread...my nf7-s just bit the big one...now i need to upgrade...i want to stick with amd...was thinking a 939 but i dont really know what to look for so far as mobo and chip go...i'm going to be reusing the other parts in my signature...the 1 gig pc3200, fx5900, raptor, etc

i definitley plan on overclocking...do the A64's run hotter than the AXP's? i have a watercooling kit i just picked up recently...will i be able to reuse my waterblock? its held on with a single clip

what motherboard/chipset should i be looking at?

i need agp, since that is what my current vid card is...

what do i need to be looking for so far as the cpu goes? any stepping to look for or stay away from? can i get a mobile A64 to overclock the hell out of?

will my current psu be fine? its an antec true430

anything i'm not touching on that i should be?

thx...i trust you guys for hardware recommendations...you were the ones who steered me towards the mobile barton the first time...and i've been quite happy with it :)

EDIT: keep in mind i'm on a budget here :) if we can keep it under 225-250 or so that would be wonderful


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Feb 2, 2004
if you need to upgrade to a 939, the AGP card is going to hold you back from getting the latest and greatest (i.e. futureproof)..i think youll be stuck with a NF3 chipset

you might want to opt for a 754 setup maybe?


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Feb 11, 2005
-go with chaintech VNF4 (nforce 4), amd a64 3000+, nVidia 6600GT (pci-e) (note: with that mobo, you have to use pci-e), mobo and cpu are $227.xx (cant remember exactly, ordered the same for myself) vid card should be around $180)
-if your sure about sticking with agp, the gigabyte K8NS is good, will keep you under $250
-ram is good, psu is good
Aug 26, 2004
how does this look?

does this chip have an unlocked multi? i would think so since its a laptop chip

i see good overclocking results in the customer reviews...of course i know they'll delete any really unfavorable ones...

i don't know what motherboard i would want to go with for this one though...any recommendations for a good ocing 754 mobo with agp?

or would i be better off looking at a newcastle core?

as much as i would like to replace my 5900xt...i just don't have the cash to spend..so its gonna hafta hold me a little while longer...


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Sep 5, 2003
Just get a socket 939 AGP based motherboard since you'll still be able to upgrade to other higher end 939 cpus and AGP will still be around for at least another generation of videocards.

Your other option is research about Biostar NF4UL-A9. It costs $118 on Newegg and has both AGP and PCIe slots. This way you'll be able to upgrade to a PCI videocard and socket 939 cpus later. However, I have some concern if that AGP slot is run off PCI bus. This would result in bad performance for AGP based videocard. This board has Nforce 4 Ultra chipset.

The only chipsets supporting both AGP and PCI-E natively are the VIA PT880 Pro (Intel platform) and ULI's M1695+M1567 for AMD. I am not sure when the later will be available.