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Looking to update components


Mar 12, 2010
My current HTPC:
Asus E45M1-I Deluxe with 4Gb RAM
128GB SDD (can't remember brand...)
3x 4TB HDD
Fractal Design Array R2 Mini ITX

It's been performing fine (a tad on the slower side), but I've now added a TV Tuner card (Plex PX-Q3PE) and the system is really showing a lack of power.

So I've got permission from the missus to do some upgrades in the near future (Christmas...) and looking for advice.

Currently it holds my entire DVD/Blu-Ray collection (hence the 12TB of HDD space) so any new motherboards would have to have 4 SATA ports or more (ideally 5+ as I will be updating music collection from MP3 to FLAC later)
Now the main aspect would be the motherboard/CPU to give that extra oomph but I'm also considering the case - it's *just* too big on the depth side - the feet fit in the cupboard but it overhangs a little...
If so, I might consider splitting the storage side away from HTPC and keeping that on the ASUS and just buying new HTPC stuff.

Any ideas? Cheaper is better (missus orders!) but silent is also preferred.
I'm in Japan so parts lists might be different but I can figure that out myself.


Mar 29, 2012
upgrading to anything amd or intel will do well. getting a FM2 platform would probably be the cheapest but also do what you want. personally i have this motherboard http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16813128598

it uses a ivy bridge cpu. (very close to whats in most ultrabooks) and has intel HD graphics so can do hardware acceleration video playback. the only issue is i have no idea how much cpu power you need for your tv tuner card. and if you are using it to record shows. if thats the case. you may want to invest in a full desktop class cpu. at least dual core. but mine as well go quad core if money is not an issue and want to use allot of filters and stuff


Aug 28, 2013
Moving to the FM2 platform would be worthwhile. There are good options with mITX boards and a wide range of APUs. Considering you mentioned Christmas as your timeline FM2+ boards will be available for the Kaveri based APUs with Steamroller CPU component and GCN based GPU onboard. It would be worth grabbing something from this upcoming generation or sticking with FM2 if you can find some nice price drops/sales.

I've had great luck with the ASRock FM2A75 Pro4-M and AMD A6-5400K at the heart of a few HTPC builds. I recognize that you need mITX not mATX but that APU is a great balance for any HTPC.