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Mar 11, 2006
From time to time, my computer doesn't want to work and I fix the problem without too much wreckless troubleshooting; it's only a matter of time, and luck, before the next problem occurs and I won't have the slightest idea on how to fix it. Since I use a computer everyday of my life, I become dependent on it being operational. I try doing research on this topic but I get the broad perspective of it instead of a specific chunk of details. I am basically worried about the health of my computer. I look at the parts within the computer from time to time so I can dust it with CO2 spray and I look for insect nests because they melt easily on my video card (I don't need to mention on how much of a mess that it would be).

My Monitor, an LCD monitor with a resolution (if it matters) 1680x1050, has become a big concern to me. I have learned that these kind of monitors have expiration dates (the computer's milk lol)! But seriously though, what kind of specs would I need to look for within a monitor that would help me diagnose the health of my monitor. Is it just the time date of my monitor's life or is it something else that I'm not pointing out.

My Computer could have an untold number of problems that would need fixing but specifics need to be given before I ask for help (or else you would be asking for what specific part that needs fixing). The computer's health, I think, is ok; I'm just worried about the future of it. I usually have problems with my motherboard (I believe that is where the CMOS battery is, right?) but my system (or something) is slowing my computer's performance down. I have no idea what but it gets worse as time comes to pass. The main point of this post is this: My computer will run into problems, either it be from the system or motherboard. I want to know how I can fix problems with these two categories. If both of these elements of issues contain an Anatomy book's worth of solutions,each, then I think I might have to pass on asking for help. But if it is the only solution to solve my problems, I just might have to bite the bullet.

Thanks for reading and I appreciate your curiosity into my problem :)
Many thanks to the readers and even more for the contributers.


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Aug 12, 2001
The backlight on an LCD will fail eventually, but it does not have a clock chip in it to detonate a small explosive at a programmed date.

Relax a little. All computer parts die eventually but not on a schedule like spoiled milk.