Looking for an idea as to how well this system will run.


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Nov 28, 2001
Alright.. this is the first system I am building personally. I want it all black (hence the black case, DVD and CDRW) and I am hoping that the hardware Gods here find no faults with that which I have selected.

The System:

Inwin Black ATX MiniTower Case
Vantec Round Floppy cables
CoolerMaster Round 24 Inch ATA133/100 IDE Cable (2)
Soltek SL-75DR5 (Purple Ray) KT333
Gainward GeForce4 Ti4400 "Power Pack/Golden Sample"
Sparkle 400 Watt PS
AMD AthlonXP 2100+
Samsung "Original" PC-2700 - 512 MB (2 Strips)
Sony Black 1.44MB 3.5 Drive
Lite-On 16x DVD Drive - Black
Lite On 32x12x40 CDRW - Black
Maxtor 80GB 7200 RPM
SoundBlaster Audigy Platinum
NEC Multisync FE950+ 19" Monitor - Black

That is the system I am looking foward to building. It will be a primary system for me, and I do plan on OC'ing it... as much as I can without overtaxing it. To that effect, I do need some ideas for cooling...

Thank you all in advance for the reply's!


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Oct 9, 1999
two words

booty licious:)

only thing... don't like creative anything, haven't liked inwin cases since the chieftec/antec broke onto the scene(did like the mobo tray tho), and i haven't had good luck with NEC monitors.


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Nov 28, 2001
Well, in all the cases I have looked at, the inwin will look (and work) the best in the desk I am purchasing to create my new office. The NEC looks good, but if you have any ideas on better monitors, I am all ears. I just ask that there be an option for a black monitor, as I do want the monitor to match the rest of the system.

Forgot to add that I will have a Linksys Network card in this setup, and will be using LinkSys networking gear to hook up the two PC's. At a later date, I will add a laptop and a Wireless AP to the mix in order to have the laptop on the network.


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Feb 8, 2001
Welcome to the forums :)

If you want to overclock, I'd go the P4 route since everyone seems to have a blast getting a 30% - 50% OC out of their 1.6A. If you're interested, check out fkloster's rig, he's got a very nice setup.

If it's AMD you're set on, the rig looks great, here are a few comments.
-Case and PS: Like others said, Antec cases are definetly worth looking at I have an SX635 and it's great. I hear their Performance Plus cases with True Power PS are supposed to be good too (though I have no first hand experience with them).
- Mobo:I've never been a fan of purple PCB's but to each his own :)
- RAM: Is that 2x512 MB of ram or 2x256? If it's 1 GB, unless you're into some really high end programs it will go to waste, stick with 512 MB.
- Monitor: I have a black Dell P992, and I really like it (FD Trinitron tube, 1600*1200@85 Hz), you can usually get it for a good price during the sales Dell has every so often (Definetly wait for free shipping on this one).
- Video Card: An excellent choice, to save a little on it wait a couple of weeks for the Ti4200's to hit the streets
- DVD and CD-RW: Fine choices
- CPU: expect this bad boy to be very quick, but also to generate A LOT of heat. To cool it I suggest you use a Thermalright AX7 or (and this is what I have) an Alpha PAL 8045. Check if they fit the board before buying.
- HD: excellent choice, I'd get the fluid bearing drive for quietness. (I have the 60 GB version, no problems so far)
- Sound Card: I've been eying the Audigy Platinum myself, lemme know what you think of it when you build the system :D

Great system overall, it'll be a screamer (speed wise). Make sure you use plenty of fans since this system will likely generate a fair amount of heat. Also, for a mouse, I've gotta say that I love my Logitech Mouseman Dual Optical. :)

*Edit* Remember to save some money to buy Windows :D:p (XP Pro is great)


Oct 17, 1999
If you are going to overclock yoiu might want to go with a P4A or wait, if you can, for the Tbred. The Tbred should be out next month. I have an Inwin and it is a good quality case.


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Nov 28, 2001
Thanks for all the replies!

This will be a do all system. Plan on relearning my love of programming on this beast as well as play games on it, as well as play games on it...

I already have the OS ;) I have a nice copy donated by a friend of mine whom did not like it and gave it to me. (And it is clear and legal :))

This is a 2x512 System. I want it to LAST. I do not want a p4 as I want to build an AMD XP system first, as these seem better suited for SETI, F@H and G@H..... and I wish to help the team that I belong to to the fullest. I will build a P4 system one day though, as well as rebuild my P3 system..... anyone know where to get a good Slot motherboard for a PIII?

Anyway, thanks for the posts!