looking for a MP3 player


Junior Member
Jul 25, 2018
I am looking for a simple MP3 player (or speaker with SD/Micro SD slot) with big buttons for my mother. It should have these requirements:
1. Built in speaker, can be 2-5W.
2. Should play tracks from SD card. The track should start from the same location the player was paused or turned off or disconnected from charger.
3. Should be able to charge while playing MP3 track.
4. Connecting or disconnecting from charger should not automatically start or stop playing the song.
This should be simple to find but I have bought so far 3 speakers and each one of them was lacking in some features. One would automatically start playing MP3 track when connected to charger. The other wont play song from SD card while connected to MP3 charger. It would atomically switch to Bluetooth audio when connected to charger.
I am only asking for a simple MP3 player, the less functions the better. Please help me find. Thank you