Looking for a laptop


Oct 8, 2008
Hi there, I'm looking for a laptop for college to semi-replace my sig rig. I've got a low budget unfortunately, $600 or so. But before I go setting my sights on a particular one, I've got 2 questions.
1.) If it has an HDMI port, does that mean it also carries through sound? I've got my GTX280 hooked up with a S/PDIF cable for audio/video through just an HDMI cable and I've grown accustomed to it.
2.) I'd like a laptop that could accomodate my G51 speakers, which would mean I need a green, orange, and black ports. I'm sure I won't find a laptop around $600 that would have a sound card like that, so is there a PCMCIA card I could use?
3.) Any ideas? I WON'T be gaming on it at all. I'll take care of the software, so don't worry about that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


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Jun 11, 2007
HDMI: It will very so you'll have to check the system in question to see if it outputs audio. But since you want to use your speakers for it then wahts the point.

Sound output. I think an USB solution may work out better for you in getting the speakers. You may be able to locate PCMCIA card for it but i doubt it. Besides laptops don't use the PCMCIA cards anymore. The new standard are ExpressCard slots.