Looking for a good ethernet (DSL) hub


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Feb 17, 2000
Have a new computer which is on my DSL. My wife is going to use the old one for working at home to keep our stuff separate from work and want to be able to use DSL on both. Have NICs in both computers and need a way to split the access to the modem. Wouldn't mind if there was a built in firewall (we use Earthlink which is dynamic IP).

Any recs on a good RELIABLE hub? I am willing to be a LITTLE more for top quality. (Please give specific model numbers and if you know of any deals that would be ok too)


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Mar 7, 2001
I say down with the routers and go with Freesco. It's a floppy distribution of Linux that requires NO linux knowledge to setup. It's very very easy to do.


It requires a 386 w/ 6 megs of RAM and a floppy drive and two NICS.

I run mine on a PPro I got off of EBAY for $40 shipped.

As far as Hubs/Switches, I'm a Netgear phool, and I like all of their products.

Freesco is LINUX, but don't be intimidated. It's VERY VERY VERY Easy to setup. I don't know squat about Linux, and I had it set up in literally 10 minutes. The hardest part was getting the old machine running with Two NICS.

This will give you all the basic features that a Hardware router will give you, and it will work fine.



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Oct 25, 1999
Routers Compare.

I looked throughout few BBSs, and collected "informal stats", concerning the Entry level Cable/DSL Routers.

For what ever it worth it seems that CW (Conventional Wisdom) claims:

1. Netgear RT314
2. Barricade 7004BR
3. Linksys BEFSR41

(These are all 4 port Routers, from a Router perspective the 8 ports counter part are similar).

I own few Barricades (Regular, and Wireless), and Netgear.
I like the Barricade (no real technological reason).

I would choose the one that has the features that fit the way you use the Internet.

Table Comparing thses Routers:

Comparing Cable/DSL Routers.

Link ? Courtesy of TallGeese.


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Sep 9, 2001
all the routers here work great... But from experiance the linksys is the best IMO, plus it has unbeatable firewall protection. and is very easy to setup.