LibreElec 8.0 issues with my HTPC

Discussion in 'Home Theater PCs' started by Dave3000, Mar 9, 2017.

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    My HTPC is an Intel NUC6i3SYH with 8GB RAM and 120GB SSD installed. Now the LibreElec 8.0 has been officially released, I still get artifacting (flashing checkerboard pattern for 1 second) when VC-1 VAAPI hardware acceleration is enabled in videos encoded in VC-1 like I did with OpenElec. Still sometimes if I shut down my NUC from within LibreElec, my NUC will power on 2 seconds later after it's been powered off. This shutdown issue not happen in Linux Mint which I used before on my NUC or Kodi with Windows installed. I tried 3 NUC's, 1 Pentium N3700 NUC and 2 i3-6100u NUCs and all of them experienced the shutdown then power on issue with OpenElec and LibreElec. Within Kodi/Windows, I don't get these issues but I get Windows automatic updates kicking me out of watching movies in Kodi once in a while, even with Launcher4Kodi installed and running Kodi through the Launcher4Kodi shell. I find Windows 10 automatic updates too intrusive. I'm using Windows 10 Home. I'm not sure if even disabling Windows Updates through Services.msc that I watched through a Youtube video will stop the automatic Windows updates and intrusive notifications related to Windows updates. If it actually does not disable Windows automatic updates then has anyone here know of any tweaks that will fix my shutdown issue within LibreElec with my NUC?
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    Re: shutdowns. My guess would be some sort of HDMI/CEC issue. What AVR/TV is the NUC connected to? If one of the other gadgets in the chain is sending a faulty on/off signal, it could be triggering the NUC to turn back on. Somewhere in the Add-Ons section of LibreELEC, there is an add-on related to HDMI/CEC control. I forget which section it's in (Programs/Services addons). Try disabling that and see if the restart behavior improves.