Question Lenovo y50-70: Searching for a replacement battery for a laptop no longer supported by Lenovo


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Oct 16, 2020
Hi everyone! I'm currently looking for a replacement battery for the Lenovo y50-70 laptop (model #: 59425944). Intel Core i7-4700HQ, GTX 860M, 8gb RAM. It only turns on and runs if plugged into the wall. I've removed the battery since it has bulged quite a bit. As the model is 5-6 years old, it is way past supported by Lenovo. The parts list can still be found here on their site, and it does list the battery. However, it is no longer available to purchase from Lenovo. It would of been nice to get an OEM battery to ensure quality and security.

I was thinking maybe of buying a new laptop. I've just graduated from university and have landed a job. The didactic courses for the first weeks of training require the use of laptops during class, and I don't wanna bet if outlets are available next to seats. Perhaps we may need to use the laptop while on the move even if there are outlets. But I also want to begin saving for my first ever PC build (I have yet to experience 144+ hz), and I would rather have that money go into saving towards the build rather than buying a new laptop while I still got this current one. The y50 is still going strong other than the battery situation. It just needs to be plugged into the wall. It is still able to handle less demanding games from it's time. The speakers and its subwoofer still sound great. The SSD and RAM still feel responsive. It would be perfect for browsing the internet and watching YouTube on the couch while somebody else uses the PC in the meantime. Maybe some Old School RuneScape while watching something on TV lmao...

So anyways, the problem is finding a reputable and safe battery replacement, and I am unsure of which ones out there that I have found meets those criteria. I have read cases out there where people have found the capacity to be lower than advertised, or have arrived dead on arrival. I guess it's just the risk to take when buying third party batteries. I have no experience of going about this. I was hoping some of you all may know or have had past experience in finding laptop batteries replacements.

More information on original laptop battery:
  • Model: L13N4P01
  • 7.6 V
  • 7.2 Ah
  • 54 Wh
  • 7300 mAh
Some replacements that I have found include:
One thing I noticed is that the voltage of those batteries is 7.4 V while the voltage on my original battery was 7.6 V. I don't know if that is something to watch out for. It seems like there aren't any replacements with 7.6 V though. Another thing I noticed is that one of those choices is from ifixit. Interesting!

Thank you all for reading, and I hope I have provided enough information for you all. Have a wonderful morning/day/night!


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Aug 11, 2020
Never had bad experiences with replacement batteries, quite the opposite. I bought some really good replacement batteries from, that site seems to be gone unfortunately.