Lenovo recovery USB problem, can't reinstall windows?


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Jul 10, 2008
I have a Lenovo ThinkPad T420. The OS is corrupt and I have very limited usage with it (very slow and soggy, however Ubuntu works flawlessly on a separate partition). In Windows, Lenovo has a separate partition for recovery. You click on it in My Computer and a Recovery Disk configurator opens up. I used a USB flash drive for my recovery disk. However, when I booted my laptop to run the USB drive it didn't work. I researched the issue and found that I'm supposed to enable the drive to be bootable but that requires format. I inserted a different flash drive, formatted it and made it bootable. Opened the recovery disk creator and received a error saying "You can only have one copy of Windows. Program will now close". My laptop was bought in 2012 so it is out of warranty and now I don't think I can reinstall windows. Any help on this would be appreciated. Sorry for any grammar or spelling errors as I'm using my TouchPad to type this.