LEGO: Lord of the Rings $10.50 at GMG


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Nov 19, 2001
GreenManGaming has LEGO:LotR 50% and then $4.50 off with coupon code GMG30-DPLIM-DN831 bring it to a total of $10.50.

I bought this newest LEGO game on my PS3 a few weeks ago. I own all of the LEGO games, not for my kids, but for myself (yes, I will play co-op with them). This is by far the most comprehensive and best LEGO game yet.

- Huge Open World
- Fast teleporting to found areas (finally)
- Side quests (all fetch type)
- Crafting (Rudementary - you craft bricks for useful items you find blueprints for)
- They use a combination of voice acting and movie clips for the characters dialogue. Very well done.
- A couple of first-person view missions (a first for LEGO and done well)
- Tougher game - you no longer know how many times you need to hit boss monsters and many of them take longer than the normal 3 hits to kill. Still not that difficult but definitely different.
- All kinds of items/tools that you can use. Use of a treasure chest.
- Tight game play with some fights/missions geared towards co-op play, though it's not required.
- I played at least 12 hours and am now only 50% through with the game. That said, I've finished the main game and am going through all of the free-plays and trekking the open world for items I couldn't get earlier or couldn't find.
- A few in-game odes to some more popular games (think Skyrim, Assassin's Creed)

I really like this game, though I wish you could get some of the items/tools before finding certain characters, some which you don't get until close to the end of the main game, but all-in-all this is real fun game to just sit back and relax with. I definitely recommend picking it up.



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Jul 9, 2011
If I didn't have a backlog of games to play, I'd probably pick that up.

I've always enjoyed the Lego games, including Harry Potter, whose movies I'd rather eat glass than watch. Fun little puzzle games, with surprisingly alot of gameplay if you try to get everything to 100%.


Apr 8, 2001
the lego stuff is one of the things I don't get on the pc, go ps3 instead for being easier with coop.


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Dec 23, 2012
Just an FYI Amazon will have it 75% off $7.49 on 12/24-12/26
thanks plus i get another $5 coupon too so cool deal makes it only $2.50 for the game better deal thanks so much:awe:

just FYI buy only the 400 xbox points and you still get the $5 too so it make the points 1/2 price or free what ever way you do the math
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