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Lazy person – want DVR & streaming - best solution?


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Dec 30, 2000
Please help me to determine the best solution for me.

• I AM LAZY. I don't want to spend a lot of time trouble shooting or setting things up. I don't want to trouble shoot. I don't want to be a support person for my family when they use it.
• DVR capability for over the air TV from a HDHomeRun device.
• Netflix, Hulu, Youtube
• Watch ISO, MKV, M4V & MP4 files.
• Output via HDMI

What I have:
• Receiver with HDMI in
• i5 PC with plenty of HD space connected via Ethernet to router, running Windows 7. PC can be left on 24*7 if necessary. PC is very far from receiver, can't be used as display device.
• Router close to the receiver
• HD homerun connected to antenna and to router via Ethernet.
• Space in the basement just below the receiver to put a loud machine.

What I used to use:
• I used to have a HTPC running Windows 7 and media center to record and watch TV. It also had the files.
• The HTPC computer is dead. I could try to fix – I believe either the motherboard or power supply is broken.
• I have copies of all the video files which I can leave on my main PC if necessary for streaming.
• The HTPC worked ok, BUT:
• Biggest problem were getting it to wake up after going to sleep – I'd often need to reboot it. Not sure exactly why – sometimes the HDMI handshake would fail, or it seemly just would never wake up. I tried leaving it on 24*7 but that didn't work either.
• Also, after watching a Netflix movie to completion it would freeze. I tried un-installing windows updates to solve that problem without success.

What I was thinking about doing:
• Run Windows Media Center on my main PC to DVR shows from antenna
• Getting an X Box One to use as a media extender.
• BUT… X Box One cannot be used as a media extender! ACK. So, what to do?

• I dislike the idea of buying an Xbox 360 as a media extender since it is at the end of the lifecycle.
• I dislike the idea of buying a separate media extender for $150+  I'm sure I could fix my HTPC for less.



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Jun 9, 2002
XBone will not work as an extender. According to one of the XBOX dev interviews, it won't even support streaming music from your PC without going through a $100/year XBOX Music Account in addition to requiring a gold subscription.

XBOX 360 is THE option. Maybe your i5 will have non-broken sleep? How do you know the machine wasn't waking up? Is it just the HDMI handshake? Do you have a Dell 2408WFP by any chance?
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