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Jun 14, 2001
I am looking to resurrect my Dell XPS 710 with a Q6600 in it, I don't have time to convert it to an ATX motherboard so I need to get your opinions on the best bang for the buck GPU. I can run SLI.

Do the tech holiday sales usually start on Black Friday?

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Sep 19, 2010
I picked up a used 7970 for $100 shipped from a user on Reddit. It's ~3800 GFLOPS is comparably to the 280X. I've also seen some good deals on gpuShack and EVGA b stock. Both of those sites sell refurbished GPUs.

I don't think a Q6600 would have any trouble feeding work to a powerful dual GPU setup.
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Aug 2, 2003
I'd certainly agree with kowalabearhugs, and highly recommend the USED market, specifically AMD 7970/280X series cards. They sell all day in the US on ebay for $150 and under. They are particularly exceptional at running POEM and Milkyway, as the double precision is utilized.

They're holding their value well. I purchased many 280X's last year this time, and at the same $150 or less price that they are still selling for. :)

The downside is that there are fewer BOINC projects that code for AMD cards.

Another downside is that it looks like you may be more into Folding@Home, and although they perform well there too, the GTX970 is nearly as fast, and oh so much more efficient.
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